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3 in 1 PractiScience Kit

£ 20.00

With this kit you can learn how hydraulics work and see some of its uses and how such little force can have a big impact, you’ll get to play with elephants toothpaste and why it's so much fun and you can even grow your own plant in a jelly and learn how to make two plants from one. Isn’t that cool.

We’re also going to put in a few extras, just to keep you occupied till the next one



  • DIY Hydraulic Jack
  • GYO Plant In A Test Tube
  • Elephants Toothpaste Kit
  • Instruction Guide
  • Worksheets and Safety Sheets
  • Links to videos
  • Sweets!
  • And a few other fun things to do


Delivery starts from 19th April


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