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Aurora Candles

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This perfect blend of vanilla and nutmeg mimics the scent of birthday cake making it the perfect gift for all on and off your birthday. The best time of the year is the day dedicated to you so why leave it to them and bring it into your everyday life and make a wish every day with our birthday cake candle.



Our best-selling Cranberry, orange and cinnamon scents are perfect for a relaxing night under blankets. It'll fit perfectly into your evening routine whether you are reading a book or watching TV it'll never fail to lighten up your day and bring warmth into your life.



The perfect blend of lavender, chamomile and vanilla will transport you into a state of tranquillity where you will be able to relax. The strong scent of lavender will bring back memories of early spring and the relaxing morning with beautiful sunrises and calming nature.



The lime grass, ginger and geranium scent will help to relax your mind and destress during stressful times. The citrussy scent of the candle will remind you to take a break when you need to and positively impact your experience whilst having the candlelight.



The scented rose and vanilla candle will make the perfect gift for the one you love this Valentine's. You will be filled with the content and make them fall in love again.



Our original candle is a mix of blackberry, plum, and rhubarb. We used vegetable wax , scent oil and powder dye to create the candle that will be a perfect addition to your collection. The fruity sent will remind you off summer days outside.


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