Aviair Travo Pur
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Aviair Travo Pur Air Purifier (New Normal)

£ 99.00

Aviair Travo Pur is you own personal portable air purifier. Worn on a lanyard around your neck it emits 28 million harmless negative ions into the air around your head which cling on to harmful pollutant particles in the air around you. For example, it clings onto small dust particles, smoke, allergens, germs and other such particles which then fall out of your breathing space. It reduces pollutants in the air around you by up to 86%. 

This is the perfect product for relieving allergy discomfort, creating a cleaner breathing zone in public places and purifying the air around you while on public transport. With a battery life of 144 hours or more it is easy to use and can be quickly recharged by the included USB charging cable in just 3 hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our email [email protected]

or our Instagram @new_normal_uk

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