Beast of Bodmin bracelet
Beast of Bodmin bracelet
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Cornish Story bracelets

£ 5.00

Bracelets themed around Cornish myths and legends

Beast of Bodmin:

The Beast of Bodmin Moor is a well established legend in Cornwall. The beast itself has been sighted countless times by locals and tourists alike, The legitimacy of these sightings has long been debated, The beast is described as a large, black cat Often compared to a panther in both size and features.

Jade, sandalwood & metal charm

The Legend of King Arthur:

After a duel with King Pellinore, King Arthur’s original sword was shattered. Because of this Merlin leads him to a lake where he meets a mysterious woman who presents him with the legendary sword Excalibur, and its special scabbard. The sword symbolises his power, chivalric values and the unity of his realm.

Jade, sandalwood & metal charm

Mermaid of Padstow:

A local sailor was hunting seals when he saw the mermaid brushing her hair. He thought she was beautiful and asked for her hand in marriage but she refused. In his anger, the sailor shot her. In retaliation, using her final breath the mermaid cursed the harbour. Leading to the birth of the famous ‘doom bar’.

Jade, lava stone, wood & metal charm

Cornish Piskies:

In St. Allen, a boy ventured into a valley, searching for blossoms. Days later, he returned, unharmed. Lured by a bird's song into the woods, he had found himself among Cornish Piskies, not under stars. They took him to a treasure-filled cavern, offered him honey, and sang him to sleep. Upon waking, he was back in the valley.

Jade, agate, wood & metal charm

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