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Culture Cards: 3 in 1 Language Learning Card Game

£ 5.00

We are Interlinkd! We are a company that is producing a card game to teach children about languages. We want to kickstart a child's journey into the field so they can develop the skills so they are engaged in and interested in learning whole new languages fluently in the future. 

Our card game is a 3 in 1 where you can play Country Match (similar to Uno), Snap and Happy Countries (similar to Happy Families). We have 10 languages in each pack where each language has 5 cards with phrases "Hello", "How are you?", "I am good.", "What is your name?" and "My name is." The languages we have are French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Polish and Russian.

When children become engaged in languages, this means they are more likely to pursue an interest and learn them properly in the future and we aim to kickstart that interest and that is why you should buy our product.



If the product is completely damaged, you can expect a full refund.

If it is partially damaged, you can expect a 75% refund.

If you do not like the product and are returning it, you can expect a 50% refund but you must return it back to us.


About Us

We are Interlinkd. A company run by students from Aylesbury Grammar School who aim to educate young children about language and culture. We aim to do more by creating books and other products. We hope you buy our product and support us in our endeavour.

Our Production Process

We are Interlinkd. We handmake these cards by first producing them on Canva and then we printed them. After that with a group of around 30 hours of work, we cut the cards and sorted them out for you.


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