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Customisable Mask

£ 5.49

Staying safe, sustainable and super cool has never been easier with Urban 51's white customisable masks! You don't have to be expert to decorate your very own mask thanks to our team's in-depth tutorial videos. You can find these on our website, to which you have free access, once you've bought one of our masks. 

Package includes:

White mask - ready to dye/embroider. Includes mask and access to free online tutorials on the Urban 51 website. 

  • Material: 100% Cotton

Delivery: £1.50, UK only.

No returns accepted.


Urban 51's DIY masks are the perfect way for you and your family to tap into your creativity. Once you've purchased one of our masks you'll have access to our tutorials, dye recipes and embroidery templates which you can use to personalise your mask.

We are a group of 15 young women who have created this company to promote safety, sustainability and creativity. We hope you love our DIY masks as much as we do. 

Stay safe, sustainable and super cool!

Check out our website to find out more: 

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