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Customisable VHS Tape Light - read description!

£ 14.99

What is our product?

Our product is a fully customisable, upcycled, VHS tape light. It can be kept on a desk, shelf or even hung on the wall and provides a sense of nostalgia and warmth in its environment.

How to customise?

After purchasing our product, we will e-mail you to ask what customised image you want at the front and what colour lights you would like. This is not restricted to the designs on the images - we will comply with any design request you have! 


1 TAPE = £14.99

2 TAPES = £24.99

3 TAPES = £29.99








Integra Retro offers first-class delivery on all of its products. However, due to COVID-19, this may be subject to delays. As the product is made to order, your product will arrive within a week of payment.

Integra Retro customises each and every product, and is therefore unable to accept returns.

















Integra Retro is a social enterprise that sells upcycled, fully customisable VHS tape lights. Our products intend to induce a sense of nostalgia in a time where the past feels so detached from our present, and illuminate the hearts of people in these tough pandemic times.