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Gift Bags

£ 1.50

Our amazing gift bags are carefully handmade and stitched by us, giving you the final touches of our company, SASC! The gifts bags are made of designer materials from Sanderson, Harlequin and Designers Guild etc. We take pride in our company as all our gift bags are up-cycled. Additionally, at SASC, we know wrapping presents can be a great load of work when it comes to Birthdays, Christmas etc and here our gift bags can help you to reduce the burden through a single purchase! To sum up, at SASC our products are long-lasting and fashionable giving us that extra prestige of a sustainable company!

At SASC, we beautifully and carefully hand-craft jewellery and gift bags from up-cycled and designer materials as it also helps reduce waste and also promotes sustainability, as it is in our name and our goal.