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We are Homely Hippo, we are a creative group with many members specialising in textiles who handcraft the products we sell.

Our aprons are handcrafted using school facilities and from home by our team. We believe our aprons are of the highest quality, and made with durable fabric. We don't believe in fast fashion, so our fabric is timeless and sturdy, so it can be used again and again.

Our tagline is "Where function meets fashion", and that is our mission; to make a practical and necessary item into a product that is stylish, sustainable and enjoyable to wear.

We only offer 1 size on the online store as it is made to fit most from teenage to adult, if you would like to order a child size apron please contact us using the contact information below Deliver and Returns.


We are open to different methods of delivery such as post, drop off or pickup.



Sadly we do not offer returns at this moment.

Contact Information:

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