french marigold flower with grey, green and pink pots.
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(Ivy & Bramble) French Marigold Grow-it-Yourself seed pack

£ 9.00

Get back to basics; by learning to grow your own French Marigold flower with Ivy & Bramble.

PLEASE NOTE that if you order a seed pack, check your junk email as your order confirmation with instructions on payment (from [email protected]) may be sent there.

  • At Ivy & Bramble, we are dedicated to creating plant growing packs of the highest quality possible with sustainability in mind.
  • Our newest French Marigold packs make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend, a cute gift you can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • We have made our plant packs fit into any decor style with our clean, timeless design - we have various pot colours to fit any space.
  • Our packs come in a cute recyclable box, making them a great, unique gift that will last a long time.

This product contains:

  • 3x pack of French Marigold seeds,
  • A beautiful, sturdy plant pot made of bamboo and coffee grounds, meaning it is completely compostable,
  • A soil disc,
  • Information cards detailing each step to take to cultivate your flowers.

You have the amazing choice of COFFEE HUSK (new edition), OLIVE GREEN, BLUSH PINK and SLATE GREY plant pots to choose from.

Size specification:

  • Outer box: 10.2x10.2cm
  • Plant pot: roughly 7cm in diameter, no more than 10cm tall


  • We take pride in how we package our products not only in a way that is aesthetically appealing but also sustainable! The product contains no plastic, meaning most of it can be easily recycled/composted
  • We also aim to use local suppliers in order to reduce carbon emissions and support small businesses :)

Plant your own happiness this year, and share your story with us on Instagram or by email :)

Delivery costs £2.90 and is fulfilled by Hermes or if you are a student at MHSG you can receive your plant pack in school at no extra cost.