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Mystery Football Shirt

£ 30.00

Do you love collecting football shirts, but can't make decisions? Let us make the decision for you.
Our football shirts are 100% authentic, and are boxed and ready to fit through your letter box.

Our sizes are S,M,L,XL - Let us know what size you would like your shirt and if there are any specific teams or leagues you would not want to see in your box. Good luck!

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Who is Centre Circle?

We are an enterprise that lives out the values expressed at the start of a football game when the team captains and the officials meet to shake hands. Unity and Respect.  Football brings people together.  Respect is shown to the officials and to your opponents who have trained hard and want to win. When you wear your mystery football shirt, you express these values.  

Centre Circle believes in sustainable fashion.  We work with our suppliers to find football shirts that might not be making the headlines and flying off the shelf.  For example, after a World Cup, don’t you worry that quality shirts might be wasted? Or after a high profile European campaign,  club shirts remain unsold.  We hear about fast fashion and the damaging impact throw away fashion can have on the environment.  Our planet’s resources are finite.  Our philosophy is to take care of our planet.

However, we don’t compromise on quality.  You can be assured that all of our shirts are authentic and are sourced from reputable suppliers.  

Our business is the centre of every kid's dreams and what we believe in. Everyone in our business came to the conclusion of the name ‘centre circle mystery shirts’ as we were sat around a table in a circle and in the middle of the circle was our product and it is the only thing that brings all of us together. Whether it is for any meeting or even when we were just making the product at the centre of our circle was the purpose of our business. We hope our product is capable of inspiring others to find their purpose for themselves. We hope to bring our enjoyment of working in the business and producing these items to make others enjoy and try to contribute to what we do and what we advocate for. 

Mystery football tops are a popular product that brings the excitement of a surprise to everyone's favourite sport. Increasing popularity of wearing football tops and new fashion trends have inspired us to take up on this opportunity ourselves. This encouraged our idea as anyone at any age can buy our product. We believe that by producing international shirts can bring everyone together in the football community and tear the divide of football fans and slander to all appreciating each other - we even believe this may influence the football world and reduce the crime of hating one another for the purpose and beliefs of individuals. 

Good sportsmanship is a crucial role within sport and we value this. We produce tops that are not in the premier league as these are mostly tops that people would go out and buy without the mystery aspect of our product. Instead we offer you much more… the international different colours and badges from around the world. These will present the love of your sport but also represent style.


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