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£ 16.99

Pandamonium - An animal-based card game with 64 cards. This game will be supporting wildlife charities with some of the profits.The best of which is the 'pandamonium' card, which, in essence, causes chaos. The other cards are:

  • Seer card: Lets you see the next 3 cards in the deck 

  • Skip card: Lets you skip your turn 

  • Normal card: Nothing cool, but it’s a cute animal - Collectible 

  • Double Trouble: Forces the next player to take two cards 

  • Lifesaver: Saves you from one ‘out’ 

  • Out: You lose if you get this 

  • Shuffle: Lets you shuffle the pack 

  • Swap Deck: Lets you swap your deck with another players’ 

  • Lifesaver Set: see lifesaver 

  • Out Handover: Lets you hand over your out card to another player. 

  • Burn Set: Lets you ‘burn’ half of a player's hand 

  • Steal set: Lets you steal one card of choice from a player 

  • Freeze set:  Stops any player (could be you) from taking cards for the next 3 turns. 


The sets are special, as the normal cards all have different 'animal's on them, and you need to collect 3 or more animal cards of the same type to get a set, and as you see, they have very special abilities, so good luck!