Sea glass pen
Sea glass pen
Sea glass pen
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£ 2.50

Handmade sea glass pens, made from sea glass collected from beaches along the coast of County Down, put into these colourful pens and hand made and designed by our Young Enterprise team.

All pens are unique and are filled with a different natural colour of sea glass in each pen. The pens come in a variety of colours including:

Baby Pink, Navy, Purple, Red, White, Grey, Silver, Black, Yellow, Green.

If you would like to purchase a specific colour of pen please contact us via our instagram or email which is listen in our seller information.

Our products hold an environmental message that we are aiming for clearer waters in Northern Ireland, and we hope when you purchase our cards that you keep them as a reminder of the impact our rubbish has on the environment.

Standard delivery by Royal Mail 3-5 business days.


Email [email protected]