Microfibre Reusable Cleansing Cloths
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Reusable Microfiber Makeup Removal Cloths

£ 7.00

Our make up removal cloth can be combined with warm water to remove make up from the skin as well as just cleansing it, meaning it is suitable for all people.The cloth can be washed and used over 1000 times meaning it prevents the need to use excess plastically packaged skincare products as well as disposable face wipes & cotton pads. Moreover, the cloth is extremely soft meaning it will not harm any type of skin.

Once you have emailed us to let us know you are interested in buying our product & have decided on a colour, we will ask you to pay through straight bank transfer. Once this process is complete we will ask for you postal address for the product & then deliver your product through the post. Depending on which class you would like us to post your product will depend on the cost of postage.