Gold Safety Alarm with Gold Tassel
Gold Safety Alarm with Gold Tassel
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Safety Alarm Keychain

£ 7.20

An affordable, stylish safety keychain to not only make a good accessory but to ensure that you feel secure when alone. It's compact, simple to use, and readily available to take anywhere on the go!

 This product contains:

- a safety alarm: which sounds a siren when pulled to alert if anyone nearby when you are in danger 

- a keyring that has a safety tip and QR code on one side (that takes you to our website when scanned) along with our slogan on the other side 

- an LED torchlight: to help guide you in the dark

- a turtle charm attached to beads which form the word  'carapace' (to keep our brand name and what it stands for in mind)

-  a handmade tassel 

this product is available in 5 different colours: blue, silver/green, pink, gold and black/red  :)


We are a brand that values YOUR safety. Our brand name 'Carapace' was inspired by turtles that use their shell (their carapace) as a form of protection against any danger. We ourselves, as a group of diverse individuals, strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel protected, therefore we assembled this keychain (suitable for all) to represent the safety ideals of our brand.