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Scented Pens

£ 9.99

Our product is a scented pen that releases a pleasant fragrance as you write, the nature of which can be chosen at purchase. With a multitude of floral and natural scents to choose from (and many more to come), you’ll never find yourself out of options for your scented pen. By implementing the concept of aromatherapy into your day-to-day life, you will find it easier to retain information and start to enjoy the learning and revision process. Not a student? Not a problem! Our scented fountain pens - with refillable cartridges - are for everyone, from those who want to do better for the environment to those who just want to enjoy the writing process.

We are going to deliver all local orders by bike delivery and send deliveries from further out in bulk shipment to reduce our carbon footprint.

We at Scented Script are passionate about improving learning and making the process of studying easier for students. We also have a strong initiative to appreciate the beauty of nature and sell eco friendly products through our various scents.

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