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Scentify Light Wood Finish Diffuser with 2 Essential Oils

£ 29.99

Introducing our new Combination Offer: 

Light Wood Finish Diffuser with 2 Essential Oils


Electric Oil Diffusers are designed to deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes, while also adding moisture to the air, which improves air quality. You should feel calmer and more cheerful when you have an oil diffuser turned on in a room.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: due to the website not allowing you to choose which diffuser and oils you want, please may you purchase the item and then email us which essential oils you would like with the diffuser [email protected]

Thank you for your cooperation.

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. 

You should receive your product within 1-7 business days.

DELIVERY = £2.99 

We are Scentify, a young enterprise company based in Northwood, London. We offer a range of products which enhance your experience of body, mind and spirit. 


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to email us at:

[email protected]

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