Triple pack of Beezwax Wraps. Picture contains 1 patchwork, 1 blue and 1 classic beez style wrap
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Triple pack (Beezwax Wrap)

£ 10.00

The Beezwax Wrap is THE alternative to cling film or foils. All wraps are homemade, using 100% cotton fabric, white beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin (all of which are sustainable). They simulate the sticky nature of cling film but are reusable, making it an easy lifestyle change that saves plastic from going into landfills, where it remains for hundreds of years. The wraps are low-impact and fully compostable, so all material used will return to the environment. Want to save money in the long run and be environmentally friendly? Make the switch from disposable wraps to Beezwax Wraps today.

Contains one 30x30 and two 25x25 wraps.


  • Warm with your hands and wrap around food lightly or firmly over bowls.
  • Clean using cold/lukewarm water after use. (Do not use hot water/put under high pressure or heat, as it will melt the wax in the wrap)
  • Do not use to store raw meat or fish to avoid cross contamination.
  • Do not scrub aggressively as it may separate the wax from the wrap. 
  • Do not ingest or attempt to eat the wrap. Beeswax is edible and thus harmless chemically if ingested. However, it is still highly unrecommended, as it may be contaminated or may cause mild constipation.

Delivered by Royal Mail, with 2 to 3 working days expected postage time.

Strictly no return policy due to safety hazards related with our product.